Hello and Welcome to my Counseling Practice serving Cherokee, Cobb, and North Fulton Counties. 

Thank you for viewing my website. Over the past 30 years I have successfully provided counseling services to various populations including families, couples, and individuals. My work has taken me from inpatient to outpatient facilities, as well as to local school systems, corporations, hospitals, religious organizations, the City of Atlanta, and currently private practice.

Philosophy of Psychotherapy

As a mental health professional, my goal is to offer clients a collaborative, compassionate, and respectful experience in order that they may achieve the positive outcome they are searching for. In this setting, we work together to develop a relationship, built on trust, that brings change through guidance and direction to those thoughts and behaviors that can be potentially destructive to our minds and bodies, as well as the world around us. Clients then have the opportunity to begin to live healthier and more meaningful lives.

"Life isn't always holding a good hand,

but playing a poor hand well."